Spring 2009

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RECESSIONS 101 : When is a downturn a recession?

Learn about how economists define when we're in a recession, what that means and how the current economic crisis compares with previous ones.

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E-BANKING EVOLVES: Shifting consumer attitudes lead to growing acceptance

Anne Skinner hardly ever has to include trips to the bank on her to-do list, opting instead to bank online. A small majority still favors in-person banking, but new technologies are coming.
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TUG-OF-WATER: Markets may be a solution as urban, ag and recreational users vie for their share

Water transfers can be as simple as an individual seller, or large-scale, involving two or more states.
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PRESIDENTS, GOVERNORS AND THE FOMC: Regional Bank leaders provide long-term stability

Actions of the Federal Open Market Committee have made headlines during the current financial turmoil, but who is on this committee and what do they do?

Summer 2009


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WEATHERING THE STORM? How community banks are managing tough times

Community banks are experiencing problems along with the rest of the industry, but balance sheets of many community banks are still strong. Sticking to their fundamentals helps during turmoil.

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RACKING UP REWARDS: Do consumers really benefit?

From cash-back bonuses to free gas and vacations, the number and types of rewards available to cardholders have continued to grow. But, those rerwards can come with a cost.
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ACHIEVING THE AMERICAN DREAM: The affordability of homeownership for middle-income Americans

As housing prices climbed, many people complained that homes had become unaffordable to middle-income Americans. Research shows that homeowners are actually better off today than decades ago.

Fall 2009

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RANGE OF OPTONS: Community banks, Farm Credit System vie for same customers

Small, rural banks see the federally charted Farm Credit System as increasingly significant loan competition. Banks say there is an unfair advantage; the System says choices are good for customers.
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UPDATE...SECOND IN COMMAND: George named first vice president, COO of the Kansas City Fed

Esther George is now responsible for this Reserve Bank's operations and budget, as well as participating in the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings in Kansas City Fed President Tom Hoenig's absence.
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FORECLOSURES IN FOCUS: Crisis spreads to higher-income neighborhoods

Homeowners with subprime mortgages aren't the only ones facing default. Rising unemployment and declining property values are straining household budgets, just like Kansas Citian David Jewell's.
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RECESSION BY REGION: History shows regional patterns, offers insight for recovery

Although the United States as a whole feels the pain of this most recent recession, the sting varies from region to region. Variances can be explained by the different industries within these areas, among other factors.

Winter 2009

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REVENUE STREAM: How state taxes fund public services, amenities (

Each state has a portfolio with a varying assortment of revenue sources, such as income tax and sales tax, which are affected by the health of the economy. In down times, services get cut or taxes are raised.
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MEASURING UP: Commercial real estate comparable to early '90s

Looking back at the sector's boom-bust nearly two decades ago offers insight into today's situation.
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TAKING NOTE: Survey of community banks in the Tenth Federal Reserve District

Banks responded to questions the Kansas City Fed asked about regulatory compliance, staffing needs, competitions and more.
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ADDING IT ALL UP: Kansas City Fed committed to financial literacy for all ages (

Efforts include free materials, tools and other resources for teachers, students and families.