Spring 2008

Tenth District shield

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Kansas City Fed building

BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE: Kansas City Fed moves into new headquarters

The country's newest Federal Reserve Bank building includes many connections to the past. The facility opens to the public July 1.

Gasoline pump

RURAL SNAPSHOTS: A look back at 2007 gives a glimpse of 2008

Ethanol and export demands as well as strong farm gains have been promising, but it's rising production costs that will determine rural America's prosperity this year.


INDUSTRIAL LOAN COMPANIES: Commercial businesses face head-on opposition to entering the banking sector

Current law leaves ILCs as the only option for businesses like Wal-Mart and Home Depot to open a bank, but this possibility causes uproar.
Unhappy homeowner

REPAIRING THE DAMAGE: A combination of factors led to the nationwide foreclosure surge

The onslaught may continue through the next few years, but help is available for homeowners in distress.

Summer 2008

Armed Forces airplane

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Members of Armed Forces

ECONOMIC FORCE : Defense spending has significant presence in the region

Whether it’s the fleet of “Stealth” bombers at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri or the artillery school at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, the combined national defense spending accounts for a larger share of the Tenth District's economy than the nation's.
Rural Main Street

CHANGING STRUCTURE OF RURAL BANKING MARKETS : Local expansion can be difficult for banks in small communities

After merging banks located in two adjacent towns, Docking Bancshares says it’s able to offer customers better services, while improving its own operations.

Plates of food

FEEDING HIGH PRICES: A number of factors are driving food price inflation

Families everywhere, like Debbie and Bobby Sturgill's, are seeing increases in almost every aisle of the grocery store. Food prices have had the highest gains nationwide in nearly two decades.

People in building lobby

A GRAND OPENING: The Kansas City Fed Invites Public to New Building

This historic occasion is commemorated by dedication ceremonies, unveilings and a community open house.

Fall 2008

River barge

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Wheat combine

SHIPPING OUT: Can rising exports sustain the farm boom?

Global factors, such as droughts tightening food supplies and the weak dollar making U.S. goods more affordable overseas, mean prosperity for farmers. Historically, a bust followed times like these.

Coffee beans

A PERFECT BLEND: Mergers strengthen banks, maintain customer ties

Merger booms have reduced the number of small banks, causing many to worry. Research shows the banks may end up stronger while maintaining customer relationships.
Architectural drawing

MASTER PLAN: Banks can learn from Greensburg's recovery

As bankers rebuild after the May 2007 tornado that obliterated this Kansas town, the need for financial institutions' emergency preparedness is reinforced.
Photo of past Fed officers

THE MONEY MUSEUM: A billion dollar experience

The Kansas City Fed's free, interactive museum is now open. the public is invited to come and learn about currency, the economy, bank operations, the Fed and much more.

Corner of a twenty-dollar bill

THE ANNUAL ECONOMIC POLICY SYMPOSIUM: Maintaining stability in a changing financial system

The 32nd annual symposium hosted by the Kansas City Fed focuses on the transformation of financial systems around the world.

Winter 2008

Man using a computer

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Man at computer

INDUSTRY PLAYERS: Emerging, long-standing sectors define a region

Identifying defining industries and understanding changes can provide context for growth and help recognize future risks to the region.
Credit card

CARD CARRYING CONSUMERS: Stored-value cards go beyond the mall

Now more than ever consumers have electronic options in a variety of capacities, including the doctor's office and at work.

ECONOMICS OF DIVERSITY: Differences can be costly if not managed effectively (

Workplace diversity may be necessary to conduct business as the marketplace continues to grow more global.

FARM TO (GLOBAL) MARKET: Technology spurs innovation in rural areas

These days, the benefits of the Internet and other advances aren't out of reach as they once were.
Symposium speaker

UPDATE: Foreclosure forum discussion is part of Kansas City Fed's ongoing efforts

In the midst of the foreclosure surge, consumer education is the key to prevention, but help is available to those facing default.