Spring 2007


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CAREER BUILDERS: Education can help growing minority population

Albuquerque entrepreneur Dave Melton, Denver attorney Annie Kao and Oklahoma State University student Crystal McClarty know firsthand that knowledge is power in today's competitive workforce.

A HOME OF OUR OWN: Home lending in low-and moderate-income neighborhoods is on the rise, prompting change

Homeownership not only benefits these Kansas City families but also the community.

A TAXING WAY TO LIVE: After 25-year lows, sharp tax increases likely for middle-income households

Greg Paprocki, of Omaha, and other families everywhere like his may be hit hard by increases.
George Washington and mountains

MOVING MOUNTAINS OF FUNDS AND SECURITIES: The Wholesale Operations Site supports high-value transactions

See how funds and securities are transferred daily around the country.

UPDATE: A guide to the ATM and debit card industry

Three economists document trends and patterns as these two payment methods go in opposite directions.

Summer 2007


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Train tracks and engine

GROWING GREEN: Ethanol production bolsters communities, but will gains endure?

Production has created jobs and enhanced local revenues, but profits can swing with rising and falling corn and oil prices.
Cell phone

CALLING IN CASH: Payments and mobile devices merge to offer speed, ease and a big 'wow'

Consumers may have the option to leave behind their wallets as mobile devices embedded with technology become the latest way to pay.
Mother and children

LABOR OF LOVE: Income paid to workers falls while corporate profits surge

The average household isn't sharing in recent economic prosperity of the past decade, but executive pay has skyrocketed.
Dollar bills

THE CONSUMER AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT: Protecting consumers through bank supervision

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City promotes fair treatment for consumers through its bank examinations. 

Fall 2007


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Father and toddler

COMMON THREADS: Desirable communities woven by those willing to pay more for a high quality of life

U.S. residents increasingly want to live where the weather is mild year-round, or near the beach and mountains--and they're willing to give up things to do so.

CHANGING BANKING STRUCTURE: As community banks evolve, their emphasis on customer service remains

Community banks in rural areas have transformed significantly during the past few decades, particularly as they move, expand, or add branch offices.
Produce stand

HOMEMADE: Economic development efforts focus on locals

By creating the right environment, communities can benefit existing businesses while attracting new ones.


The 31st annual symposium hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City focuses on the causes of housing changes and the economic implications.
Credit card and cell phone

EMERGING PAYMENTS: Success depends on ability to control threats, misuse

Your ways to pay--products, services, rules and technologies--are all changing. So are the tools and techniques to mitigate the risk.

Winter 2007


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Medical student

The Health of Personal Savings: Rates are low, but might not be as dire as predicted

Med student Janel Ward will rack up more than $200,000 in loans by the time she starts her career. But Ward, like many young Americans in debt, isn't worried--she plans to save later. Further resources: Should the Decline in the Personal Saving Rate Be a Cause for Concern?
Computer screen

Still Earning Interest: Despite online technologies, customers value bank location

Whether she's logging on to her computer or making a rare trip to the teller’s line, Stephanie Laws has one overarching banking need: convenience. She's not alone.
Restaurant tabletop

Taken to Lunch: The best way to combat payment fraud is prevention

Jason Snyder more than $10,000 after information from the personal check he wrote was used to steal his identity. There are easy ways to reduce fraud.
Mechanical gears

Manufacturing a Survey: The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City goes to the source for data on the District

Each month, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City gauges changes in production, orders and inventories from around the Tenth District, using a step-by-step process to poll manufacturers.
Bank building

Update: The changing nature of banking

From the beginning, banks have held a unique role in the U.S. financial system. But in the recent decades, deregulation and technological innovation have dramatically changed the banking industry.