Spring 2006


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Teacher helping little girl write

A Double Bottom Line: Community Development Funds Offer Financial and Social Returns

Community development financial institutions provide a range of financial products and services in economically distressed markets.
Stethscope, pills and dollar bills

The Future of Medicare and Social Security: Future Funding of Both Programs 'Woefully Inadequate'

The cost of Medicare benefits will soon exceed the program's available funds, and its financial woes will far surpass Social Security's as healthcare costs continue to rise faster than economic growth.
Hand swiping credit card

Wave Good-Bye to Swiping: Customers Can Pay Without a Pin, Signature or Cash

Banks and credit card issuers are embracing contactless payment, the next phase in payment technology.
Immigrant worker

Can Immigration Reduce Imbalances Among Labor Markets?

Eliminating disparity among labor markets can improve efficiency and production. Can immigration reduce the imbalances?
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The Ownership Solution: The Link Between Financial Performance and Governance Yields Strategies for Business

What steps can stockholders and directors take to help ensure the effectiveness of their management structure?

Summer 2006


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Farm family

Hunting for Land: Values Soar as Farmers and Recreationalists Vie for Property

The hot trend of outdoor recreation spikes real estate prices and challenges farmers who want to buy property.

Increased Competition: Credit Union Growth Concerns Banks, More Expansion is Likely

The once-inconspicuous credit unions are expanding lending services and attracting customers from banks.
Hands fitting machine parts together

Putting the Pieces in Place: Financial Education in the Workplace--Is It Good for the Bottom Line?

Learning personal finances on the clock may lead to a happier and harder working staff.
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Update: As Payments Go Plastic

A year later, turbulence over interchange fees is more intense; the issue continues from the courtroom to Congress.

Fall 2006


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Degrees of innovation: Universities prompt high levels of development even in non-urban areas

Three professors' collaboration transformed an idea into a multimillion-dollar business just one mile from the small-town campus where it all began.
Hands signing carge card slip

Charging toward rewards: Issuers offer cardholders incentives to entice loyalty

Like so many of her customers, shop owner Mary Carol Garrity now uses her reward program credit card for almost anything she can, including business expenses.
Green map of Africa

Africa: Geography and growth

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City hosted its 30th annual Economic Symposium, a distinguished two-day forum of central bankers, policy  makers and economists.
Flock of sheep

Thinking outside the flock: Regional partnerships help small, rural entrepreneurs succeed

For Kim Curtis, what started as making a few bars of floral-scented soap has since turned into producing thousands of batches in dozens of scents sold nationwide.
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Update: Check 21 starts strong in the Tenth District, Kansas banks lead conversion

It's no juxtaposition that geographically isolated banks are on the forefront of electronic check processing. they are the ones that benefit most.
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Show me the money: Cash Services Departments process millions daily

Stacks of bills and bags of coins go through a series of stages every day at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and its Branches.

Winter 2006


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A Metropolitan Issue: Can Cities and Suburbs Peacefully Coexist?

As with many U.S. cities, the effects of suburbanization are evident in Kansas City. Can cities and suburbs cooperate for the greater good? Further resources: The Shared Fortunes of Cities and Suburbs
Gasoline pump

Running on Empty: Gauging the Lingering Effects of Hurricane Katrina on Tenth District Farmers

The third-strongest hurricane in U.S. history is leaving its mark on Tenth District agriculture in the form of higher input costs and shipping problems.
Line of banking customers

Banking on the Future: Reaching Out to the Hispanic Population in Rural Kansas

Wary of banks, many customers utilize alternative sources like check cashing centers.
Man thinking

A Look at Bankruptcy in the Tenth District and Beyond

What factors drive bankruptcy, and what will be the effects of 2005's Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act?
computer with image of bank vault

Online Banking Comes of Age

The shakeout of Internet-only banks was not at all an isolated phenomenon, but part of a broader picture of the dot-com boom/bust cycle.