Summer 2005

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Hand holding plastic credit cards

As Payments Go Plastic: Understanding the costs of credit and debit cards

Electronic payments continue to skyrocket. Are providers and merchants getting any closer to common ground on interchange fees?
Closed sign

Questioning Conventional Wisdom: Do Higher Workers' Compensation Costs Drive Companies Out of State?

Workers' compensation has come under fire recently, and lawmakers say the programs' escalating costs cause job losses in their states; however, little research exists to support or deny these claims. 
City street with clock

Is the Playing Field Changing for Bankers and Supervisors?

An excerpt from a speech delivered by Bank President Thomas M. Hoenig at the 2005 forum for community bank examiners.
Dollar bundles falling

Two sides of the coin: Pros & Cons of the Falling Dollar

The impact of the dollar's fall on businesses has been keenly felt by some firms, while others have little noticed it at all.
Corinthian column

Who's Minding the Bank?: Governance Practices at Tenth District Institutions

One need not look hard to find instances of banks brought down by corporate malfeasance--often the result of poor management or a lack of internal controls.

Fall 2005

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Alan Greenspan

The Greenspan Era: Lessons for the Future

During his years at the helm of the Federal Reserve System, Chairman Alan Greenspan has been at the center of discussions on monetary policy ideas and issues. This year the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s 29th economic policy symposium focused on lessons of his tenure and how they can guide central bankers for years to come.
College workshop

Closing the Gap: Community Colleges Emerge as Advantage for Rural Learning

While rural students are pursuing diverse careers, what many have in common is their choice of educational institution: community colleges.
Customer service clerk on phone

A Breach of Trust: Protecting Privacy in the Age of Electronic Payments

Questions concerning data security have been around for years, long before a number of breaches this year resulted in millions of consumers’ personal data being exposed. How do financial institutions best protect consumers?
Historic building

"If You Build It, They Will Come": Entrepreneurship and Community Development

Oklahoma City’s Bricktown neighborhood’s economic success is home-grown. Is the city’s model of fostering an entrepreneurial environment an example from which other communities could learn?
Upward arrow and dollar bills

House and Home: The Surge in Denver's Low- and Moderate-Income Mortgage Lending

Changes in Denver’s home lending and mortgage markets have been spurred on by a number of factors. But how have local families with low and moderate incomes fared in obtaining financing and increasing their rate of home ownership?