The Road to Cyberinfrastructure at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

April 20, 2018
By BJ Lougee, Tim Morley and Mark Watson

As economic models grow in computational complexity and researchers increase their data needs, the staff at the Center for the Advancement of Data and Research in Economics (CADRE) at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City needed to develop an environment that could facilitate better research accommodating these new factors. Staff have worked through multiple technological changes to design and deliver the right infrastructure to meet researchers’ needs, from the development of the first high-performance computing (HPC) environment at the Bank, to the research and coincident development of better data warehousing techniques, to the current state of technology and staffing. We describe the cyberinfrastructure that allows researchers with different levels of computational knowledge and experience to access and receive support for a wide range of familiar or specialized software packages. The result is a well received, flexible cyberinfrastructure, including trained technical staff, that provides access to and support for computation, data, and training.

Keywords: HPC, data warehousing, cyberinfrastructure, economic research.

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TB 18-02, April 2018

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Lougee, BJ, Tim Morley, and Mark Watson. 2018. “The Road to Cyberinfrastructure at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.” Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Technical Briefing no. 18-02, April. Available at