Overview of the Ag Economy

Nathan Kauffman opened the 2017 Ag Symposium with an overview of the agricultural economy.

Session 1: Drivers of Agricultural Consolidation

Session 1 discussed the underlying factors driving consolidation in the industry, the types of businesses most susceptible to consolidation, and how these forces may differ globally. 
Speaker: Michael Langemeier | Discussant: Michael Boland | Panelists: Jennifer Sirangelo and Pam Johnson | Moderator: Jason Brown

Session 2: Economic Trade-offs of Agricultural Consolidation

Session 2 discussed the economic trade-offs of agricultural consolidation across the supply chain, what these trends might mean for the future structure of the industry, and how these changes might affect future food prices.
Speaker: Richard Sexton | Discussant: Jeffrey Dorfman | Panelists: Mike Frank and Bob Young | Moderator: Nicholas Sly

Dinner Panel Discussion

Panelists: Luke Chandler and Karl Skold | Moderator: Nathan Kauffman

Session 3: Financing a Changing Rural Landscape

Session 3 discussed the implications of industry consolidation for agricultural lenders of varying sizes against the backdrop of a changing rural landscape. 
Speaker: Allen Featherstone | Discussant: Damona Doye | Panelists: Robert Keil and Shawn Smeins | Moderator: Charles Morris

Session 4: Policy Responses

Session 4 discussed how domestic or international policies might respond to consolidation in the agricultural sector and the key factors that these policies need to consider.
Speaker: James MacDonald | Discussant: James Richardson | Panelists: James Rhilinger and Kip Tom | Moderator: Chad Wilkerson

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