2019 Agricultural Symposium Videos

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City President Esther George welcomed participants to the 2019 Agricultural Symposium, and Vice President and Omaha Branch Executive Nathan Kauffman shared opening remarks to set the stage for the topic and subsequent discussions.

Session 1 explored the current drivers or barriers to near-term growth in the agricultural sector, how these factors relate to typical cycles, and which factors may be unique to the current environment. 

Speaker: Ani Katchova (begins at 3:50)
Discussant: Mykel Taylor (begins at 25:00)
Speaker and Discussant Q&A (begins at 35:27)
Panelist: Michael Magdovitz (begins at 53:20)
Panelist: Stephanie Liska (begins at 1:06:15)
Session 1 Q&A (begins at 1:19:21)
Moderator: Cortney Cowley

This session explored the factors likely to promote or constrain long-term growth in the agricultural sector and how these factors differ from short-term forces.

Speaker: Seth Meyer (begins at 1:43)
Discussant: John Baffes (begins at 20:51)
Speaker and Discussant Q&A (begins at 36:39)
Panelist: Mike Frank (begins at 45:33)
Panelist: Dhamu Thamodaran (begins at 1:00:39)
Session 2 Q&A: (begins at 1:11:13)
Moderator: Nick Sly

Speaker: Ray Young 

This session discussed how the agricultural sector might bridge the gap between its current state, where commodity prices and revenue generally have been low, to a longer-term future with greater economic potential.

Speaker: Michael Gunderson (begins at  1:57)
Discussant: Sara Boettiger (begins at 26:12)
Speaker and Discussant Q&A (begins at 40:47)
Panelist: Marcelo Duarte Monteiro (begins at 51:48)
Panelist: Gaylon Lawrence Jr. (begins at 1:05:13)
Session 3 Q&A (begins at 1:17:39)
Moderator: Jason Brown

This session explored the threats and opportunities likely to be most significant for agriculture’s long-term outlook.

Speaker: Rosamond Naylor (begins at 2:00)
Discussant: Dan Basse (begins at 24:18)
Speaker and Discussant Q&A (begins at 40:58)
Panelist: Jane Andrews (begins at 52:11)
Panelist: Rory O'Sullivan (begins at 1:05:20)
Session 4 Q&A (begins at 1:17:45)
Moderator: Jon Willis


Speaker: Esther George