"This volume is a great resource for our nation’s business leaders and federal and state policymakers. It provides practical examples of exemplary policies that can help meet the needs of both workers and employers."
--John Engler, president, the Business Roundtable and former governor of Michigan.

"The authors offer solutions that can help both today’s workforce and the workers who will build our economy in the future."
--Marc Morial, president and CEO, National Urban League.

"Workforce development policy and practice are a focus of dialogue throughout the U.S. This research collection provides a needed guide to opportunities and options for practitioners and policymakers alike."
--Clyde McQueen, president and CEO, Kansas City Full Employment Council.

"This volume methodically assesses the state of our understanding of workforce development strategy and points the way to evidence-based policy and practice to improve outcomes. It is essential reading for practitioners and policymakers committed to meeting the needs of American workers and employers."
--Eric Belsky, director of the Division of Consumer and Community Affairs at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.