Investment Connection for 2016: Expanding Connections and Knowledge

November 15, 2016
By Ariel Cisneros, Senior Community Development Advisor


Community Organizations present their proposals

In a short time, Investment Connection has garnered positive testimonials, evaluations and comments from funders and community organizations for helping to connect more than $27 million with community organizations that assist low- and moderate-income individuals and communities.

The Kansas City Fed created Investment Connection and Investment Connection Online in 2011 with a purpose of helping funders find community and economic development opportunities in the seven states of the Tenth District. Investment Connection has proposals throughout the District covering:

  • Asset building/financial education
  • Community facilities
  • Small business development/microlending
  • Neighborhood stabilization/affordable housing
  • Workforce development

In 2016, Investment Connection has traveled the District, hosting sessions April 27 in New Mexico, May 25 in Colorado, Aug. 30 in Oklahoma, Sept. 21 in Nebraska, and Nov. 16 in Kansas City, Mo. The final session for the year is Nov. 30 in Wyoming. Funders interested in attending this session will find more information at our Investment Connections FAQ.

A new feature on Investment Connection Online is testimonials from funders and community organization leaders who have used Investment Connection. If you were unable to attend a program in your state, please visit Investment Connection Online to review the new proposals. 

For Monica Abeita, senior policy and program advisor with the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority, Investment Connection was an opportunity to make a presentation to a number of funders at once, including many the authority had not considered for potential funding. Funders included representatives from financial institutions, foundations, and local, state and federal government. 

The Investment Connection Online site is regularly updated with new proposals, so funders are advised to revisit the site quarterly to view new proposals from throughout the District.  

To connect to funding opportunities, visit our online catalog of Investment Connections proposals.

More about Investment Connection:

Investment Connection started in 2011 with a simple idea—help connect financial institutions, corporate enterprises and community foundations with organizations that have CRA-eligible community and economic development proposals in need of a qualified investment, grant or loan. Investment Connection has helped connect community organizations with more than $27 million in funding within the Federal Reserve’s Tenth District, which comprises Colorado, Kansas, western Missouri, Nebraska, northern New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming.  Investment Connection Online is always available for funders to review proposals.