Small Business Lenders' Summit Streams to New Heights

December 22, 2014
By Ariel Cisneros, Senior Community Development Advisor

Small business lenders received up-to-date information on major lending enhancement tools and learned about resources on the horizon.


Senior Advisor, Ariel Cisneros, asks Lillian Salerno, USDA rural
development administrator, about various lending enhancements.

If you were unable to attend the Small Business Lenders' Summit on Nov. 7 at the Kansas City Fed, you can view the recorded program via YouTube to learn about the numerous small business lending enhancements available to you and your customers.

According to attendees, the summit:

  • Increased their knowledge of federal and state credit enhancements;
  • Provided them the resources to grow and retain small business customers with funding and technical assistance resources; and
  • Shared with them the benefits and challenges of lending enhancements.

The discussion included the reduction or elimination of fees, new web-based applications, expanded rural programs and funding, and helpful resources when collateral is insufficient.

View the event on YouTube. For other CRA related materials visit our Community Development Investments section.