An Interview With Katrina Washington

December 22, 2014
By Katrina Washington, Broker/Owner

Katrina Washington, broker/owner of Stratos Realty in Oklahoma City, talks about her service on the Bank’s Community Development Advisory Council (CDAC).

What have you appreciated most about the opportunity to serve on the CDAC?

I’ve appreciated the opportunity to lend my expertise and share my ideas and perspectives with other individuals active in the low- and moderate-income (LMI) community. It’s been rewarding to know that my input and the input of others on the CDAC has, in some way, assisted the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in understanding the challenges of LMI and local communities.

What do you feel you have been able to contribute to the CDAC?

I believe I bring a unique perspective of a professional who is deeply entrenched in the LMI and nonprofit community. I have a thorough understanding of the challenges of lack of awareness, education, credit worthiness and financial stability in connection with purchasing a home or attaining suitable housing. I’ve spent the last two decades as a full-time real estate agent/broker and I have been happy to lend my knowledge and expertise in this area to the group.

What has been the most significant thing you have learned through your experience of serving on the CDAC?

The most significant thing I’ve learned is that there are mechanisms in place like the CDAC to ensure there are policy recommendations that directly impact the LMI people and local communities.

How has your service on the CDAC assisted you in your work?

My service on the CDAC has expanded my view of the LMI community beyond real estate and the financial aspects that lead to buying a home.