New LinkedIn Group Highlights Grow Your Own

August 25, 2014
By Dell Gines, Senior Community Development Advisor

Site serves as a resource where professionals and information seekers can exchange knowledge on entrepreneurship based economic development.


As the economy has changed, so has the need to develop new practices for economic and community development. One practice that has emerged to address the economic shift is the use of entrepreneurship as an economic and community development strategy.

The Kansas City Fed recently launched a new LinkedIn group for economic and community development professionals and organizations that support small businesses. The group, Grow Your Own: Entrepreneurship-Based Economic Development has two goals:

  • To serve as a place where professionals and information seekers can exchange knowledge, ask questions and get answers about how to use entrepreneurship as an economic development strategy.
  • To create relationships across the nation to share best practices, brainstorm and develop research ideas around entrepreneurship-based economic development.

Anyone interested in learning more about economic development through entrepreneurship is invited to join the LinkedIn group and actively participate, share information and create new relationships with other practitioners.

View the LinkedIn group’s profile.