Crown Center Homeschool Week at the Money Museum

While the Money Museum remains closed to visitors, we are excited to continue the tradition of celebrating homeschool families in the KC Metro. Looking for new ways to teach your family about personal finance and history? Check out these resources to spice up your lessons.

Banking on Her Exhibit


In memory of the ratification of the 19th amendment and its impact on the nation, we celebrate the history of women who serve or have served in the 10th district over the Last 100 Years. View the photo timeline of women at the Fed, access a free lesson on the history of Women’s Suffrage, and watch a video on how to craft your own sunflower suffrage pin. Click here to learn more about the history of women at the Kansas City Fed

A Dime at a Time

View the Money Museum’s video from Kansas City Virtual Museum Day that explores the history of one special dime and on how to make your own piggy bank. 

KC Money Museum Mobile Guide

Take a virtual tour to learn more about the history and function of the Kansas City Federal Reserve. Choose from several different journeys that let you explore our gold bar, cash processing, and more!

This is available for download as a free app or can be accessed online at 


Budget Savvy Girl Scout Badge

Looking to earn a new badge or just learn how to become a budget master? Check out our video and activities to become budget savvy!

Financial Fables

Follow Jay Eagle and his friends to learn about personal finance through stories, fun activities, and coloring pages. View the Financial Fables.