Richard J. Sullivan

Richard Sullivan

Senior Economist
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
1 Memorial Drive
Kansas City, Missouri


Richard J. Sullivan is a Senior Economist in the Payments System function of the Economic Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Since joining the Federal Reserve in 1994, Mr. Sullivan published studies on the role of nonbanks in the payments system, the ATM and debit industry, the relationship between bank ownership structure and performance, profitability in interstate banking, bank lending to small business, and the impact of electronic banking on bank performance. He is currently conducting research on implications of recent changes in payments on payments system risk and determinants of a bank's decision to adopt Internet banking.

Prior to joining the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Mr. Sullivan taught at Holy Cross College and the University of Colorado. While there, he conducted research that examined immigrant earnings and unemployment, invention during the British industrial revolution, the history of regional interest rates in the United States, and savings behavior of immigrants.  He received a B.S. in business management from Northern Illinois University and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Illinois-Urbana.

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