Our goal is to help make economics and personal finance concepts easy to understand and implement in the classroom for K-12 educators. Use these short articles for tips to make integrating these concepts simple and straightforward.

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The Economics of Sports

  • Use major sporting events like the Olympics or a local sports franchise as a springboard to help students better understand economic and financial concepts. We provide some easy-to-use resources for the classroom. 

Quick Hits: Easy Ideas for the Classroom

  • An upcoming break have your students distracted? Need an easy activity to fill time in the classroom that still has substance? Get a quick run-down of simple, quality activities here to make your life easier as an educator.

Investing in You: Human Capital in the Classroom

Laying the Foundation: Using Economic Vocabulary in the Classroom

  • Basic personal finance and economics knowledge can set the foundation for students' further understanding of these topics. Incorporating vocabulary and project-based learning activities into curriculum for students of all ages can assist. 

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