CRA 101: Interagency CRA Training Workshops

March 27, 2013

Interagency-sponsored workshops are designed for CRA officers at banks that are interested in obtaining current information and training on the CRA regulation, exam preparation and developing bank CRA compliance strategies.

Workshop topics include:

  • A regulation overview
  • Understanding bank performance context
  • Assessing community needs
  • Qualified community development activities
  • Assessing a bank’s lending performance

Participants will be provided a resource notebook and engage in case studies and exercises.

Training resources

  • Assessing lending
    Tips and information to help you analyze your bank's performance.
  • CRA basics
    Learn about the CRA's purpose, enforcement, CRA-related terms, rating systems, requirements and types of exams.
  • CRA strategy development
    Develop a bank CRA strategy and monitor your progress.
  • CRA toolkit
    Resources to use when developing and implementing a CRA strategy for your bank.
  • Know your performance context
    What is your performance context? How is it considered? How can you help examiners understand your institution and assessment area.
  • The exam process
    Understand the examination steps and learn more about what CRA officers can do to prepare for an examination.