Student Board Program Goals

The Kansas City Fed believes diversity strengthens our organization and enriches our community. The Bank is committed to ensuring that our programs reach underserved populations in the education realm, especially majority-minority high schools, inner city high schools and all girls’ high schools.

As part of this commitment, we conduct the Student Board of Directors program in five cities within our District and accept applications from students at the schools noted above. We strive to have the composition of our Student Boards of Directors reflect the diverse demographic makeup of those schools and communities.

Program Goals

The Student Board of Directors program is designed to:
  • Foster a broad understanding of the role of the Federal Reserve and its importance in daily life
  • Develop financial responsibility and money management skills
  • Promote networking and connections among peers that build teamwork, respect and trust
  • Provide exposure to a wider variety of career opportunities and professional interactions
  • Enhance leadership and life skills
  • Create professional ambassadors between the Federal Reserve and school districts
Students are encouraged to highlight their achievements on their transcripts and/or resumes.

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