Common Cents: Payday on Report Card Day?

Whether report card day is filled with excitement or apprehension at home depends on a child's academic performance as well as how they are motivated to learn.

Psychologists, parents and teachers have long debated
the pros and cons of the money-for-grades issue. What
are the costs and benefits of using incentives for grades?

The Common Cents article, Payday on Report Card Day?, discusses how small rewards for good grades can keep kids on track without the bribe effect.

Suggestions for additional non-fiction and fiction books are also provided. (This article was featured in the Winter 2011 issue of TEN Magazine.)

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Suggested use
Use the article to consider how you can reward a student for a job well done in school. Put it in writing and keep the list visible as a reminder of the recognition he or she will receive.

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Parents, Teachers, Students

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Key concepts
Personal finance, incentives


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