Common Cents: Beyond the Lemonade Stand

When school’s out, kids often seek activities to add excitement during their long breaks. One way students combat boredom is by launching a business to earn dollars toward vacation or other savings goals.

This is the perfect opportunity to guide young entrepreneurs by discussing what it takes to make their venture successful. Developing a business plan with your assistance will give them confidence and enhance their success.

The Common Cents article, Beyond the Lemonade Stand, discusses kids as entrepreneurs and gives steps to develop a business plan for a successful venture.

Suggestions for marketing the business and providing good customer service are also provided. (This article was featured in the Summer 2010 issue of TEN Magazine.)

Download Common Cents: Beyond the Lemonade Stand

Suggested use
Teachers: Read and discuss the article in class, using the worksheets included in the article.
Parents: Use the article to discuss entrepreneurship with your child, and encourage him or her to start a small business.

Target audience
Teachers, Parents, Students

Grade level

Key concepts
Entrepreneurship, Productivity

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About Common Cents

Common Cents is written by a Kansas City Fed staff member with more than 30 years of teaching experience. The column appears in TEN Magazine, the Kansas City Fed’s quarterly publication. Subscribe to TEN Magzine.