For general questions and information on our educational resources, contact one of our offices:

Name Title
Kansas City (for those in Kansas and Missouri)
Gigi Wolf Economic Education Analyst
(800) 333-1010, ext. 8812736
Denver (for those in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico) 
Stacee Montague Director of Public Affairs
(800) 333-1020, ext. 5722385
Erin O'Donnell Public Affairs Specialist
(800) 333-1020, ext. 5722394
Omaha (for those in Nebraska) 
Erin Redemske Senior Public Affairs Specialist
(800) 333-1040, ext. 221560
Megan Manning Public Affairs Specialist
(800) 333-1040, ext. 2215622
Oklahoma City (for those in Oklahoma)
Pam Campbell Director of Public Affairs
(800) 333-1030, ext. 2708617
Sarah Shahan Public Affairs Specialist
(800) 333-1030, ext. 2708619
District Resources    
Jennifer Clark District Public Affairs Manager
(800) 333-1040, ext. 2215560
Michele Wulff District Economic Education Coordinator
(800) 333-1040, ext. 2215609