The Importance of the Econ Avenue Message

July 8, 2014


On June 24, more than 40 individuals attended an Econ Avenue community roundtable and discussed two important issues. We asked, and answered, the question of how to keep the broader community engaged in Econ Avenue meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. The second and more important question was how to take the Econ Avenue message into the community.

When Econ Avenue started it was based on these key principles:

  • The creation of a grassroots community economic development strategy driven by the community
  • The creation of unity within the community around economic development
  • Partnerships with other agencies outside of the community to make northeast Kansas City, Kan., the dynamic community it should and can be.

These are important principles that individuals who have participated in Econ Avenue believe the community will embrace.

Some of the great ideas that came out the June 24 roundtable included the creation of an “elevator speech” we can use to briefly share the goals of Econ Avenue, grassroots community engagement strategies with churches and businesses, and a clear mission statement to present to the community.

The degree to which the broader community embraces the principles of Econ Avenue, whether individuals ever attend a meeting, is the degree of success Econ Avenue will have in northeast Kansas City, Kan. So, let’s keeping building great programs and sharing the great principles of Econ Avenue. We can create positive growth and change if we continue to work together.