Leadership Principles

October 24, 2014

1. Every officer is expected to play an active role in leadership development within his or her own area of responsibility and across the Bank.
One of the most significant criteria used to assess an officer's overall performance is the ability to identify leadership talent, to be personally involved in coaching and development activities, and to provide for adequate management succession both within and beyond their area of responsibility.

2. The Bank values leaders with knowledge, experience, and perspective.
Leaders are expected to have a fundamental understanding of the Bank’s primary business functions, and build depth of business knowledge in their assigned area of responsibility. Individuals are also encouraged to seek out a range of experiences that broaden organizational perspective and deepen insight into the complex financial, regulatory, and economic environment in which the Bank operates.

3. Leaders will be challenged with a variety of developmental assignments and training opportunities.
Exposing leaders to assignments with significant influence, visibility, and accountability provides opportunities to demonstrate further leadership potential. Developmental assignments may include building technical skills in a new area, leading or participating in cross-functional teams, taking on special projects/key roles at the Bank or System level, reporting to varying leaders within the organization, and rotating to new areas of responsibility. The Bank prepares leaders for these assignments through a strong commitment to internal and external training as well as coaching/mentoring opportunities.

4. The Bank is committed to providing individuals who pursue leadership responsibilities clear, timely feedback on their performance and growth potential.
All leaders are provided annual feedback on their performance relative to the Bank’s five leadership competencies. The Bank also is committed to providing leaders information related to their overall ability to take on responsibilities at the next leadership level.

5. The Bank rewards leaders based on their ability to deliver results in a manner consistent with desired leadership behaviors.
The Bank maintains a high standard of performance expectations for its leaders. Individuals must not only deliver strong performance results, but must also achieve them in a manner that builds relationships and instills credibility. The Bank’s leadership competencies provide detailed guidance on expected leadership behaviors. Rewards may include financial compensation, promotional opportunities, professional growth, and training and development experiences.