Assistant Financial Examiners

As an assistant financial examiner in Examinations and Inspections, you will play an important role in helping the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City carry out its regulatory responsibilities for banking institutions located in the seven states comprising our District. You will be offered diverse and challenging assignments in order to develop your analytical, critical thinking and leadership skills. Strong performers are rewarded with increasingly complex assignments, leadership roles and promotional opportunities.

What to expect


As an assistant financial examiner, you will follow the Examiner Commissioning Program, a formal training program that includes online, virtual, classroom training, self-study and on-the-job training with a dedicated trainer.

Classroom training is held at Reserve Banks throughout the country, and on-the-job training is conducted at banking institutions in our District.

After completing the Examiner Commissioning Program and demonstrating the ability to lead bank examinations, you will become eligible to receive an Examiner Commission. This valuable designation, which is approved by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, authorizes you to act as the "person-in-charge" of an onsite examination.

Examination activities on the road
Examiners spend about 50% of their time traveling to banks throughout our district to analyze and assess the bank as part of an examination.

Examination activities in the office
Examiners spend about 25% of their time analyzing banks to prepare for upcoming examinations or monitoring institutions between examinations.

Assistant examiners spend about 15% of their time on training materials other than on-the-job training. This may include self-study work or attending classroom training held at Reserve Banks across the country.

Special projects
Examiners spend about 10% of their time assisting with special projects, ranging from analyzing trends in examination findings to developing outreach programs.