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How Do I Get Approved?

Mergers, Acquisitions, Branching and New Activities

Banks must, in most circumstances, either notify the Federal Reserve or obtain Federal Reserve approval before engaging in certain transactions.  Because filing requirements and regulatory processing times for such transactions vary, organizations are strongly encouraged to contact the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Applications Department for additional information.  For information about common filing types, links to forms, and other related information refer to the Apply for Mergers and Acquisitions Page.

Contact Us

For additional information regarding the applications process or to discuss a specific transaction, please contact:
Grady Kesler, Applications Manager
 Direct: (816) 881-4738
 Fax: (816) 881-2252

Mailing Address:
 Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
 Applications Department
 1 Memorial Drive
 Kansas City, Missouri 64198