Where Can I Learn More?

References and Resources

There are a number of very useful references you may wish to review. We also encourage you to contact us whenever you have questions.

Bank Holding Company Supervision Manual (Federal Reserve System)
Provides guidance for conducting inspections of bank holding companies and their nonbank subsidiaries. The supervisory objectives of the inspection program are to ascertain whether the financial strength of the bank holding company is being maintained on an ongoing basis and to determine the effects or consequences of transactions between a holding company or its nonbanking subsidiaries and its subsidiary banks.

Supervision Training and Reference Tool (START) Modules  (Federal Reserve System)
Computer-based training modules applicable to various areas of banking and bank regulation. Specific modules of interest to holding company directors and management include:

Bank Director Training and Related Resources (Federal Reserve System)
Reserve Bank training and other resources provided to bank and holding company boards of directors.

Federal Reserve Regulatory Service (Federal Reserve System)
Contains all Board regulations plus related statutes, interpretations, policy statements, rulings and staff opinions.  Available as a four-volume loose-leaf set or on CD-ROM.  For those with specialized interests, four parts of this service are published separately as handbooks.

Supervision and Regulation Letters (SR) (Federal Reserve System)
All Supervision and Regulation Letters (SR) issued by the Federal Reserve System.