How Will I Be Supervised?

Holding Company Supervision Program

Consolidated Assets $1 Billion or Less

Companies with consolidated assets of $1 billion or less are subject to a predominantly offsite "review" program. The review process is generally triggered by our receipt of the report of examination for the organization's lead bank.

  • The FREQUENCY of review is generally determined by the size and condition of the organization's lead bank.
  • The DEPTH of review is dictated by the company's complexity—a determination that is a function of the nature and scope of the nonbanking and/or financial activities and also involves other factors such as the level of consolidated risk management functions, the existence of significant public debt, and so on.
  • Noncomplex companies receive less detailed reviews, while complex or weakened companies receive more detailed reviews that, in some cases, may include an onsite visit by examiners.
  • RESULTS of the review are generally communicated to the company's board of directors through a brief letter format.

Consolidated Assets Greater Than $1 Billion

Companies with more than $1 billion in consolidated assets are subject to a risk-focused inspection program that generally includes examiners working onsite.

  • The FREQUENCY of inspections depends on the size of the organization and the scope of any nonbanking or financial activities.
  • Generally, companies in sound condition with consolidated assets between $1 billion and $5 billion are subject to inspection every 24 months.
  • Companies with consolidated assets greater than $5 billion are subject to an inspection every 12 months.
  • Companies found to be in a weakened condition are subject to closer supervision and will likely be inspected on a more frequent basis.
  • RESULTS of the inspection are generally communicated to the company's board of directors through a formal report of inspection.

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