Taryn Christison


Taryn Christison can be on an international business call one day and be in the midst of negotiations in that country the next. Christison serves as the senior vice president of Saunders Construction Company and principal of Saunders’ Concessions, a commercial general contractor with an emerging commercial development services division headquartered in Centennial, Colo.

“My work is diverse and challenging within the realm of infrastructure building,” she said.

Christison provides this diverse business perspective to the Federal Reserve System as a director on the Kansas City Fed’s Denver Branch Board.

“I hope to increase awareness of and promote industry-led best practices surrounding infrastructure, trade, innovation and obstacles we currently face such as the shortage of skilled labor, the utilization of public-private partnerships and the impact of foreign investment on U.S. infrastructure,” she said.

Christison says more than 40 years ago Saunders’ founder instilled an unwavering philosophy of community investment and support, which remains a cornerstone of the company culture.

“Our corporate mission focuses largely on children’s health, education, services and programming in addition to stewardship to the communities we have the opportunity to work in and with,” she said.

The company’s focus on community building and providing stability for clients and communities is similar in concept to the Kansas City Fed’s mission of fostering a stable and healthy economy.

“Having had the unique opportunity as a liaison to the Board to observe dynamics of the Federal Reserve System and its interconnectedness with the construction and development industries, I’m driven to delve deeper into the topic as my particular expertise has become a focus on a national platform,” she said.

Although Christison shares her expertise and experiences in her role as a director, working with the Kansas City Fed also is a learning opportunity for her.

“I am excited at the thought of what I will learn from and experience through others on the board and I look forward to having a greater and more comprehensive understanding of the Federal Reserve and banking systems overall,” she said.