Eric Butler


Eric Butler says the Federal Reserve System plays a vital role in the country’s economy. He understands its importance as the executive vice president of marketing and sales and chief commercial officer for Union Pacific.

“We talk often about the impact our brand and our employees have on the communities where they live and work,” he said. “I’m excited about collaborating with other community leaders and the Federal Reserve in its efforts to develop and strengthen our economy.”

Butler recently joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Omaha Branch Board of Directors.

“For many years, I have served in varying leadership roles in the Omaha community,” he said. “Being a member of the board gives me the opportunity to share my expertise and perspective with the Federal Reserve and help guide policies that will best serve our community and our country.”

That experience and perspective comes from ensuring that Union Pacific’s seven major business divisions—agricultural products, automotive, chemicals, coal, industrial products, intermodal and Mexico—deliver on the company’s promise to its customers.

“This business generates more than $22 billion in annual revenue,” he said. “As a member of Union Pacific’s senior leadership team, I also participate in the development and execution of strategies that ensure Union Pacific maintains its position” as a transportation and logistics company.

The Kansas City Fed watches the economic conditions of the Tenth District and the nation, whether it’s banking trends or production in the energy sector.

Union Pacific provides transportation to virtually all sectors of the economy, and Butler meets regularly with customers to understand their businesses and market conditions. It’s this diversity of business experience that Butler wants to share with the Federal Reserve.

“As a member of the board, I bring a broad perspective on the condition of our economy,” he said. “As a community leader, I bring perspective on how we can best serve our community.”