Steve Maestas


Steve Maestas, deputy chairman of the Kansas City Fed Board of Directors, says the public, and even the business community, needs more exposure to what the Fed does and how it works.

“Serving on the (Kansas City Fed’s) Economic Advisory Council for several years provided an introduction to the Fed and its complexities,” Maestas said. “I grew to appreciate its structure, purpose and role. I want to support those objectives as well as the current monetary policy and thinking from Kansas City.”

He also wants to provide the Fed with an objective voice that reflects the commercial real estate climate and its intricacies. As the managing partner of NAI Maestas and Ward, which provides commercial real estate services from its headquarters in Albuquerque, N.M., Maestas wants to create a platform and environment that enables the firm’s team members to maximize their potential.

“This, in turn, produces better experiences and results for our clients,” he said.

As a director, he hopes to add that same value to the Board.

“I hope to be able to provide an accurate reflection of the business climate in New Mexico, which sometimes is not consistent with certain aspects reflected in the balance of the District,” he said.

Lately, Maestas’ activities have been centered on strategic discussions related to economic development initiatives that affect New Mexico’s tax code. He’s chairman of Albuquerque Economic Development, a private, nonprofit organization that fosters job retention and creation in the Albuquerque area.

He understands that he and his firm are part of something bigger than themselves.

“Our purpose is to foster business growth and opportunity through the conduit of commercial real estate,” he said. “We create jobs, economic growth and enhance the community that we live in.”

He also sees the Kansas City Fed’s role as part of a bigger picture, one that encompasses the entire district and the nation. Through his experience with the Board, he plans “to help bridge that gap for fellow New Mexicans while building new relationships outside my community.”