Peter B. Delaney


Pete Delaney always liked economics. In college, he made economics and finance his major areas of study. After graduation, he spent 15 years in investment banking on Wall Street before going into corporate management. He says his education and professional experience prepared him for serving as a Federal Reserve director.

“I believe this background enables me to provide an appropriate perspective as a board member of the Oklahoma City Branch of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank,” he said. “In addition, my CEO positions at an electric utility and natural gas midstream business provide a great view into our local and state economies as well as the national energy situation.”

Delaney plays key leadership roles as chairman of the board and CEO of OGE Energy Corporation. OGE has a single vision to be the industry leader with a passion for helping customers, developing members and delivering stockholder value, he said.

As chairman and CEO, Delaney must work with the Board of Directors to provide governance and direction for OGE and make sure that the culture, the core values and beliefs of its members, is prevalent throughout the corporation.

“My other primary objectives are providing a clear strategic direction and vision, ensuring the organizational capabilities are in place to execute our mission and inspiring our members to fully engage in achieving our vision.”

This perspective of running a business in today’s world helps Delaney provide relevant information to the Kansas City Fed about the financial and economic systems. Although the primary role of the directors is oversight of the activities of the Oklahoma City Branch and giving input, “I do believe the anecdotal evidence provided by directors to the staff is very helpful to providing insights into our economy when viewed in conjunction with the statistical economic analysis.”

He also thinks there is great opportunity for Federal Reserve directors to bring a sense of familiarity, connection and credibility to the (Fed) with the general public.