Jeff W. Krejci


Jeff Krejci starts his work day at the local coffee shop, talking with patrons about the latest news and events.

As president and vice chairman of the board of First State Bank in Hickman, Neb., it’s important to Krejci to keep his finger on the pulse of the community.

His community goes beyond the city limits of Hickman. Krejci spends much of his time traveling; First State Bank has $380 million in assets, 25 lenders and 17 locations in 15 communities.

“My car is my second office,” he said.

Krejci and the 140 employees of First State focus on relationships and keeping the communities they serve strong. His commitment to community applies in his role as a director of the Kansas City Fed’s Omaha Branch.

“I’ve been in banking just shy of 30 years and always was enamored with the Fed, especially the Kansas City Fed,” he said.

The Kansas City Fed is an asset to the communities it serves through its banking regulation and financial services, research and economic forums, financial education for teachers and students, fiscal literacy for adults, and other services, Krejci said.

“I enjoy the economic forums and listening to the people at the Fed who know what’s going on in the marketplace,” he said.

Krejci also likes to give the Kansas City Fed feedback.

“I give them a community bank perspective, which is based on the customers we serve,” such as ag and commercial business, he said.

He also uses those customer and community connections to promote the work of the Kansas City Fed and provide people a complete picture of how the Fed did not cause the current economic climate, but has helped improve the situation.

“I don’t think people understand the Fed sometimes and form their opinions, or perspectives, based on what they receive from the media.”