Brian D. Esch


As an Omaha Branch director, Brian Esch tries to provide the Kansas City Fed with a community banking perspective.

“While the branch board is primarily involved with economic activity of the district, I feel that I can provide perspective with staff as it relates to the bank regulatory portion of the Fed,” he said.

Esch, president and CEO of McCook National Bank, is on the board of directors of McCook National Bank and MNB Insurance Services, an independent insurance agency that is a sister company of the bank. He also is head of MNB Financial Group, the bank’s holding company.

Esch’s job is like his title says.

“I’m charged with guiding the strategic direction of the bank,” he said.

Esch accomplishes this through implementing policies and procedures and managing staff, and of particular importance, managing department heads that report to him.

Maintaining the bank’s core values also is important to Esch. By doing this, the bank accomplishes its mission to help customers achieve financial success and economic security, create a place where employees can learn, grow and be fulfilled in their work, and make the communities in which employees work better places to live. This also creates an environment that benefits McCook National’s shareholders— providing them a safe and sound investment.

Esch also sees the benefits of serving as a Fed director—for his bank, himself and the Fed.

“Agriculture either directly or indirectly impacts virtually all of the business which (McCook National) conducts,” Esch said.

He hopes his institution can benefit from the economic data the Federal Reserve generates and that he can provide the Fed information about the state of agricultural economics in western Nebraska.

Also, no one in the history of McCook National, which started in 1907 in McCook, Neb., and has locations in Stratton, Neb., and Burlington, Colo., has served in a role with the Kansas City Fed.

“For me, I have always grown both personally and professionally from involvement in industry and civic activities,” he said. “The main reason I wanted to serve as a director was to interact with men and women that are much wiser than me. What a great opportunity in which to learn.”