Kim Russel thinks any discussion about the economy is incomplete without considering the healthcare sector.

“Healthcare is a major component of today’s economy,” she said. “Healthcare services are both an economic driver from the perspective of jobs and day-to-day commerce, and a major operating expense for employers.”

Russel, president and chief executive officer of Bryan Health, says healthcare is both an enormously challenging and intellectually stimulating field, which is why she “loves it.”

She spends much of her time meeting with physicians to plan new technologies and services, visiting hospitalized patients to assure that services are meeting their needs, working with the leadership team to continuously improve the quality of care and services, and communicating with Bryan Health’s board members.

As a director, Russel looks forward to bringing the voice of healthcare to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Omaha Branch Board.

Bryan Health is a nonprofit healthcare system headquartered in Lincoln, Neb. With more than 4,000 employees, it’s the largest private sector employer in Lincoln, and provides a full range of healthcare from very basic services to highly complex services such as heart surgery, neurosurgery and cancer treatment. Bryan Health also sponsors a network of more than 40 rural hospitals and has business and service relationships throughout Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.

“In addition to my work as a healthcare executive, I am also active in local and state business and economic development issues,” Russel said, which makes her familiar with both rural and urban economic issues that face the region.

Her external involvement is important to her because the boards she either leads or serves on all work to better the community or the state.

“I look forward to contributing my knowledge, experience and viewpoint to the Federal Reserve in any way that is beneficial,” she said. “I also love to learn new things, and so I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to learn more about the important role of the Federal Reserve.” 

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