To achieve and cultivate a diverse workforce, an inclusive culture requires guidance and support from employees throughout the Bank. In addition to the Bank’s senior leadership, a number of employee-led groups/teams are focused on advancing diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Diversity Strategy Steering Council provides the necessary leadership, guidance and resources to ensure diversity and inclusion efforts are well supported and the Bank’s strategies are achieved.

Employee Diversity Committee supports the Bank’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and promotes an inclusive work environment by recognizing the diversity of the Bank’s workforce and reinforcing employee awareness of key diversity and inclusion issues.

Minorities in Technology Taskforce fosters an inclusive culture in technology and innovation and empowers employees to bring different perspectives and diversity of thought to build products and solutions that serve everyone.

Minority Members of Management Mentoring Group focuses on developing, retaining and empowering current and aspiring minority people leaders.

Office of Minority Women and Inclusion (OMWI) Team guides the Bank’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Women in Technology Community of Practice focuses on empowering current and aspiring women technologists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City through mentoring, knowledge sharing, community outreach and leadership opportunities.