Teacher Workshop Series 2014

Educators are invited to join us for our summer professional development workshop series.

About This Event

These full-day workshops are free to K-16 educators and include demonstrations of classroom resources, local tours tied to the subject matter and updates from experts on recent research and hot topics tied to economics and personal finance.

The series is hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in partnership with the Centers for Economic Education at the Universities of Kansas, Emporia State and Missouri-Kansas City. Graduate credit from the participating partner universities is available along with complimentary lunch and parking.




Who should attend?
K-16 educators


Event Details

Date Time Location
June 9, 2014 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
1 Memorial Drive
Kansas City, MO 64198

Professional Development Workshops

For K-16 Educators
9 - 4 p.m.  
June 9: Key Economic Industries in our Region

Grades 9-College

Explore what makes our region unique economically and the effect of industry growth in both Missouri and Kansas.

9 - 4 p.m.  
June 17: Employment and Unemployment

Grades 6-College

Discover key economic terms tied to employment, significant trends in the labor market and how teachers can use this information to prepare students for the future.

9 - 4 p.m.  
June 23-24: Children's Literature

Grades K-8

Learn about new resources to help students understand the economic way of thinking through literature and how to involve school librarians in utilizing reading resources to teach core curriculum across disciplines.

9 - 4 p.m.  
July 1-2: Globalization: A National Perspective

Grades 6-College

Find out how the economies of several regions throughout the U.S. are making a global impact as well as the role of monetary policy in a global marketplace.

9 - 4 p.m.  
July 9: Entrepreneurship in the Internet Era

Grades 6-College

Hear firsthand how entrepreneurship has evolved in the age of technology and what that means for future entrepreneurs.

9 - 4 p.m.  
July 11: The First 100 Years of the Fed

Grades 6-College

Learn about the past, present and future of the nation’s central bank as well as the connection between the Fed and consumers.

9 - 4 p.m.  
July 17-18: Multimedia to Teach Econ and Finance

Grades K-College

Learn how the latest online simulations, videos, smart board lessons, apps and other media can be used to engage students in economic and personal finance content.

9 - 4 a.m.  
July 25: The Economics of Healthcare

Grades 9-College

Discover how the aging U.S. population can affect the healthcare field and how these trends impact healthcare professionals and the economy as a whole.

9 - 4 p.m.  
July 30: Teaching Economics Through U.S. History

Grades K-6

Find out how key periods in our nation’s history can be taught through an economic perspective.


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Contact Information

Gigi Wolf
(816) 881-2736

Graduate Credit Opportunities

By attending the summer workshop series, you can earn graduate credits from our partner universities:

  • Emporia State University Center for Economic Education
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City Center for Economic Education