Grow Your Own Guide

The Grow Your Own Guide is a free resource on economic development models that use entrepreneurship and small business development as the tool to create local economic growth. View the guide or an index of programs and practicing communities.

Map Your Community

District Map

Learn more about each state in the District, including employment, consumer credit and industry data, among others. Learn More

Putting Your Paycheck to Work

The Kansas City Fed has developed fact sheets to help employees understand and make the most of their paychecks. Resources are also available to assist employers in providing information on how their employees can better manage their paychecks. Learn More

Nonprofit Executive Succession-Planning Toolkit


This toolkit is a free resource for nonprofit boards of directors and executive leaders to effectively implement succession planning and overcome barriers. An organization that is prepared for the departure of an executive is better positioned for future success.
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Foreclosure Resource Center

House with Foreclosure Sign

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has collected a number of resources on foreclosures. These resources include research on regional trends, information on local foreclosure rates and links to consumer and community organizations involved in mitigation efforts.
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Economic Development in Underserved Communities

underserved community homes

The "Economic Development in Underserved Communities" national conference at the Kansas City Fed brought together the latest research and practice for discussion and collaboration. Read conference proceedings, including papers and presentations.
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Helping Respond to Challenging Times

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Community Affairs integrates research, relationship building and resources to help communities address the needs of low- and moderate-income populations. This article focuses on the role of Community Affairs in the Tenth District and includes links to research, activities and community partnerships.
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Navigating the Credit Card Process

5 Tips Credit Card Brochure Image

The Federal Reserve has prepared a list of tips and a short video to help consumers get the most from their credit cards: by paying on time, staying below the credit limit, paying more than the minimum each month, avoiding unnecessary fees, and watching for changes in the terms of the account.
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A Borrowing Guide for Tribal Members

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Obtaining a loan to build, purchase, rehabilitate, refinance, or get a home equity loan on Indian tribal trust land can be a complex transaction. This brochure is intended to help tribal members understand the process.
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