Our Work Environment

The Kansas City Fed fosters an environment of continuous improvement, efficiency, empowerment and leadership.


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Leadership development is one of the highest priorities of the Kansas City Fed. Strong leaders are key to our success, allowing us to effectively carry out our regional and Federal Reserve System responsibilities.

Educational Assistance

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Our educational assistance program encourages employees to continue learning for better job performance as well as to increase their potential for progression into other positions at the Kansas City Fed.


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Whether it’s an onsite class taught by Fed staff, one of the more than 2,500 online courses or an external program, employees are encouraged to attend a variety of training to grow professionally and personally.

Job Mobility

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Current eligible employees can self-direct their careers by applying for open positions within the Federal Reserve. The primary objective is to fill the position with a person whose qualifications best match the requirements of the position and whose career would be best served by a developmental opportunity. Generally, anyone who has been in his or her current position successfully for one year or longer can apply.

Performance Evaluations

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The Kansas City Fed uses an employee-initiated performance evaluation process. Staff partner with their management to identify growth opportunities and professional interests, determine goals, and establish action plans.

Mentoring Program

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We have a formal mentoring program to foster employee development. Newer employees have the opportunity to be paired with more experienced staff members to grow personally and professionally through peer interaction.